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I was watching an episode of Cranky Geeks on my iPod a few days ago, and John C. Dvorak and his crew were talking about the iPhone. Dvorak is pretty open with his opinion that the iPhone will be a “flop”, and realistically, he could be right.

The question, though, is how successful does the iPhone really have to be for it to be worth Apple’s (and AT&T’s) while?

The iPhone is definitely different than other cellular phones on the market. It not only packs a completely uniqueThe iPhone user-interface (and really, would you expect anything less from Apple?) it also is the first time that a phone has been designed from the ground up with the user experience in mind.

Every cellular phone I’ve ever used has been compromised in one area or another, and most of the time those compromises are related entirely to cost. The iPhone is the first cellular phone where the cost issue seems to have been ignored. As a result (and due in large part to Apple’s desire to maintain the high margins they have on pretty much all their products), it’s one of the most expensive consumer-oriented phones on the planet.

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